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Savoury Rolls

Made with mamasdonuts mix



90 min


Baking tray
Rolling pin


1/3 C oil (mamas love olive oil)
Flour (for rolling dough)
Melted butter (for brushing)

Filling options

Pasta sauce, grated cheese, corn, meat, capsicum, basil, pesto, garlic, onion, herbs, pineapple, ANYTHING!


These are a great way to use leftovers
Perfect homemade snack for school lunches; freezes well
Pairs nicely with hot winter soups


  1. Follow mamasdonutsmix instructions from steps 1 to 3. EXCEPT...replace butter with oil AND leave egg out
  2. Cut rectangle in half lengthwise creating 2 rectangle pieces
  3. Add filling along the centre of each piece
  4. Roll up the entire piece of dough
  5. Cut roll of dough into even pieces (approx. 1 inch)
  6. Lay pieces flat in lined oven tray; leave 2cm space between for rising
  7. Let dough rise till double in size in a warm place
  8. Bake @ 160°C for 30min or until golden brown

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