Our Story

Born and 'raised' in Hamilton, NZ in 2006, mamasdonuts started with us, Mama Rach and Mama Becs, and our families. We put our heart and soul into creating delicious donuts, made the old-school way, by hand and with a whole lot of love! Made fresh daily so you get to enjoy that real homemade taste and texture, just like mama used to make them! With 12 children between the two of us our donuts have gained the approval of our biggest 'home' critics and has survived many years of love and dedication. We are proud that our donuts continue to satisfy cravings of donut lovers throughout the country and beyond. Mamasdonuts is our special story of love, commitment, strength, passion, perserverance, hard work, sacrifice and so much more! We love that we can share our journey with you and hope that you can feel a little bit of home in every bite!

From our Family to Yours!


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